Fall, Winter, Awards Season. Yes, it’s on. The extra pounds accumulated over the holidays (for those who, unlike me, didn’t have a stomach flu) have hardly had a chance to be New Year Resolutioned off and it’s already time for Hollywood to pour themselves into dresses that often do little to hide anything Spanx can’t help.


Yet, the string of awards shows kicked off last night with The People’s Choice Awards (where the winners are told in advance and are the only ones really guaranteed to attend), the Critics Choice Awards tonight – where Brad and Angelina dazzled everyone on the carpet but inside everyone got rather tipsy, indulging more in the open bar than the strictly cold food catering. The parties tonight filtered out early as people seemed primed to pace themselves for the rest of the week with the Golden Goldes Sunday and the littany of hospitality suites and parties leading up to them and after them.


That said, I’m home about to watch my Tivo’d Grey’s Anatomy while I can and cuddled up with my rent-a-dog (I’m still dog-sitting), but check back as I’m sure to have lots to report as awards season rolls on…  😉 xo


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