It was a happy reunion on Thursday for comedian George Lopez and his TV wife, Constance Marie (The George Lopez Show). The pair, along with Lopez’s real life wife, Ann, joined Jennie Garth, Andy Garcia and others as part of ‘Keep it Hollywood,’ an event to promote World Kidney Day in L.A.

The stars participated at stations set up to check blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels, as well as helping to raise awareness about the dangers of kidney disease.

"It’s one of the things that we’re all getting tested for," said former 90210′and Dancing With the Stars alum Jennie Garth. "It’s great to raise awareness for people. Early detection is the key to preventing and managing any disease."

Kidney health is a cause near and dear to hunky Ocean‘s star Andy Garcia’s heart, who tells OK! he showed up to support his friend, George Lopez . "I’ve had friends who suffer from diabetes and some who have died from diabetes, so it’s something that I’m very much aware of, and George is a good friend of mine," Garcia tells OK!. "As you know, he’s had issues with his kidneys and stuff like that so, yeah, I think that we’re all affected by it in one way or another."

Lopez, who has battled kidney disease all of his life, underwent a kidney transplant in 2005, after his wife, Ann, donated one of her own to save his life.


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