Summer’s over, and now it’s time to hit the books.

What was the best thing about school for Kat DeLuna, 17? “The skating rink,” she tells me. “We used to always do parties and dance around before school, because after school there were no parties. You had to go and study.”

Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon, 23, always had a passion for fashion. “Sister Act came out when I went to public school, and I actually went and got my own version of the Catholic school uniform,” she tells me. “I remember Lauryn Hill had on Timberland boots with scrunchie socks with her little school girl outfit. I remember I wore that exact same thing. People in school were like ‘we’re all glad that we don’t have to wear uniforms, and this crazy girl is wearing a school uniform.’ It was pretty ridiculous. They were like ‘what’s wrong with her?’”

"This Is Why I’m Hot" rapper Mims longs for the scent of his school days. “The one thing I can remember about the first day of school is the way the air smelled,” the MTV Video Music Awards nominee tells me. “For some reason, the smell of the air is different on that day. It’s always damp. It’s a real crispy smell. I always gotta get up real early, polish my clothes, make sure I got my clothes all tight so when I go to school I’m looking good.”

Actor Manny Perez, 39, is glad he doesn’t have to go back. “When I came to the United States, I didn’t know English,” he tells me. “When my family moved to Providence, Rhode Island, we were the fourth Latino family there, and the second day, my teacher told me to go down to the principal’s office. I started crying like a little baby because I knew the principal was bad news. I started crying because I thought I was doing something wrong, and when I got down there I found out it was about getting my immune shots, and it had nothing to do with doing something wrong.”

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