While we may be able to see our favorite stars on the big and small screens, we’ll never know what they smell like unless we have a chance encounter.

Never fear – Kristen Chenoweth, Miranda Lambert (via Lady Antebellum‘s Hillary Scott), Little Big Town, Hoda Kotb, Tinsley Mortimer and Laura Bell Bundy reveal what perfumes make them swoon this season.

“I’m going to go with something that everyone knows about, and it’s old,” Kristen Chenoweth begins. “It’s Clinique Happy. I put it on, and I go ‘oh, it’s been out so long, but every time I wear it, people go ‘what is it?’’ I’m going to stand by my Clinique Happy. I’m not a huge perfume wearer because sometimes I get nauseated, but that doesn’t affect me that way, and when people compliment your scent, you go ‘oh.’ You listen. I also like Kai. It’s subtle. It’s the subtle, light fragrances that you like.”

Miranda Lambert takes her cues from another country celebrity.

“I love Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue because [Lady Antebellum’s] Hillary Scott used to wear it on tour, and every time she wore it, I would go by her and go ‘gosh, she smells so good.’ I stole it from her.”

What do the ladies of Little Big Town love?

“I’m hooked on Daisy,” Kimberly Roads Schlapman tells me. “I have a Daisy, that’s my little girl, and I love the Marc Jacobs fragrance called Daisy. It’s sweet and swirly and it makes me happy.”

Karen Fairchild says, “Jo Malone  makes an evening summertime fragrance. It’s a mixture of different things because that’s what they do – they mix all these scents. They have a nighttime one in a little black bottle, and it smells like heaven. It’s about to go away forever. They’re not going to make it again.”

Today Show star Hoda Kotb has a go-to fragrance in Trish McEvoy No. 3.

“It smells like heaven. I love it. I would rather go without earrings than go without that. It’s my favorite.”

Tinsley Mortimer alternates between two favorites.

“I love a lily of the valley scent. But I also love Daisy by Marc Jacob’s.”

But Laura Bell Bundy isn’t picky when asked for her favorite summer fragrance.

“Body odor,” she laughs. “Secret Platinum. I love those spray fragrances from Victoria’s Secret. I like the Strawberry Body Splash. It makes me feel fresh as a daisy.”

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