Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher clasp hands as they enter GQ’s Gentlemen’s Ball held Wednesday at NYC’s Edison Ballroom. Exchanging adoring glances, the lovey-dovey couple make their way down the black carpet.

What’s the secret to a happy relationship?

“I think that’s too big of a question to take on right now,” divine Demi says.

One key: They don’t linger too long looking back on good times past.

“I like to look at where I am in the present moment as being the highlight,” she says.

They also support each other: Demi takes pictures of Ashton on her iPhone when he speaks onstage.

Here comes Mark Wahlberg, who is expecting his fourth child – a girl. How do children strengthen his relationship with wife Rhea?

“It’s all about the kids,” he tells me. “It’s the best thing that ever happened to us.”

His brother, Jim Wahlberg, gives props to the actor as a doting dad.

“He’s so in love with the idea of being a dad,” he tells me. “When you see him – I saw him in the newspaper the other day. It was a paparazzi-type picture, and it was him and his son and his daughter at a pumpkin patch buying a pumpkin for Halloween. Those are the pictures you see of him – you don’t see him coming out of nightclubs. He’s in love with the idea of having a family and raising kids.”

Up next is Emmy Rossum, who announced her divorce from secret husband Justin Siegel in August, and now uses Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz for arm candy during special events like Ivanka Trump’s wedding held Sunday.

What qualities does she look for in a man these days?

“Somebody that is old-fashioned and respectful, who opens your door, who is kind and makes you smile,” the Ferragamo-clad beauty, who is super tall thanks to towering heels, tells me.

Adrian Grenier considers his perfect date to be bike riding through Central Park.

What are his dating dealbreakers?

“Somebody who’s too negative, who is sour, who is always unsatisfied or talking trash about other people,” he tells me.

(And no, he hasn’t written songs about on-off girlfriend Isabel Lucas with his band The Honey Brothers.)

We’re guessing any girlfriends must be mom-approved. One way to win their hearts is by indulging in their guilty pleasure of watching infomercials.

“One time my mom and I were up late watching TV, and two weeks later, two Squeegees showed up,” he says. “One addressed to her, and one addressed to me. We both secretly ordered Squeegees without the other one knowing it. The house was clean that night.”

Dinner time! On the plate is grilled filet mignon with grilled asparagus and scallop potatoes, and in the glass is Stella Artois. Delish. Kid Cudi and Akon entertain.

The Gentlemen’s Fund event raises $372,000 for issues that matter to modern men. The organization encourages men to become agents of change by contributing to charities that champion these causes.

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