Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s three-year-old daughter, Grace, is pulling mom’s arm with all her might during a TV interview held on the red carpet before the Sleeping Beauty 50th Anniversary Platinum Edition screening held at Chelsea Cinemas in NYC.

The cranky tot is anxious to take her seat inside with thousands of young girls dressed up in their favorite Disney princess dresses, and the frustrated mom successfully negotiates with her.

“Is it true that you’re leaving The View?” we shout as Elisabeth moves down a line that includes the fairy tale’s green-faced witch Maleficent posing for pictures with brave kids. Elisabeth keeps moving with her daughter and a friend.

Vanessa Williams and her kids love the spotlight, though. Sasha, 8, tells reporters she’s going to be Catwoman for Halloween.

“Is that what she said?” Vanessa says. “Well, I guess we’ve gotta buy that costume, we’ve gotta get that costume. We have a town parade, so I usually dress up and walk next to her.”

Dancing With The Stars competitor and All My Children star Cameron Mathison also brings his family to the fete. He reveals his favorite Disney character is Mader from the Cars movie, but his son Lucas, 5, thinks he is most like Gaston. “I don’t even ask why,” he laughs. “Maybe I’m more like the Beast.” He says his 2-year-old daughter Leila’s favorite princess is Belle.

Miss Teen USA Stevi Perry
is most like Raven from That’s So Raven.

“I love her,” Stevi says. “I think she has the best personality ever. She’s just so crazy! She seems like she’s really down-to-earth and has the best bubbly personality.”

Time for the screening. Mary Costa, who is the original voice of Sleeping Beauty, introduces in a pink Day-To-Night Barbie-style suit. Lookin’ good!

As soon as we exit, we take a shuttle bus over to The Plaza for the after-princess party. It’s quite an opulent scene. Flashing light fixtures depicting the Three Fairy Godmothers and other characters are sprinkled throughout the ballroom jampacked with kids and their caretakers. As Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and High School Musical tunes play, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip teach youngsters how to waltz. A magician-type toting a white bunny in an Easter basket offers kids the chance to pet it (so soft!). Men on stilts and jugglers entertain. There’s a craft table, and photo booth with all the characters. Plus, there’s a gold-plate stocked all-you-can-eat buffet of salmon, chicken, potato wedges, salad, macaroni and cheese. For dessert, it’s time for the sundae bar with strawberries, banana chips, fresh coconut, Reese’s Pieces; tiramisu cake and carrot ginger squares. Mmm!

On the way out, guests enjoy gift bags including a gift certificate for the Blu-Ray/DVD of Sleeping Beauty and a commemorative pin set.

What a day!

Sleeping Beauty’s 50th Anniversary Platinum Edition is available on Blu-Ray and DVD October 7.

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