Celebrity and charity is a combination that go hand-in-hand. A new social networking website, Yourcause.com, seeks to make it easier for Hollywood to raise money for its favorite charities.

Everyone from Scarlett Johansson, whose charity is Clothes Off Our Backs, to Rosario Dawson (her page seeks donations to Supporting Parents & Families of Gays and Lesbians) are there pitching for and donating to their favorite causes.

"We feel extremely privileged that these celebrities are lending their notoriety to raise both awareness and funds for their specific causes," says site co-founder Matthew Combs. "One of the unique things about the site is that anyone can make it their own and promote the causes that they are most passionate about."

So far the site has helped raise $20,000. With more celebs like Carmen Electra and Tyra Banks signing on everyday it seems that soon enough there will be more people giving via the website.

To learn more check out the site.

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