Here’s a good reason why Bravo should bring back Step it Up and Dance.

The show’s first season winner, Cody Green, would totally return!?

“I would love to come back as a judge. That would totally be fun,” he revealed to the TV Fanatic during the lavish West Side Story after premiere gala, on the water, at NYC’s Chelsea Piers.

We would totally watch!

Cody is now tearing it up in one of the West Side Story‘s leading roles.

He had already auditioned for the Broadway revival when he snagged a spot on the reality dance competition series.

“They happened kind of simultaneously,” he explained.

(I’m certain the Step It Up and Dance exposure didn’t hurt the casting department from booking Cody stat!)

The only bad thing about Cody playing Riff, the interim leader of the Jets who gets himself offed in the first 90 minutes of the show, is there’s no Cody in Act II!

Cody takes it in stride. “I get a little break, and then I get to come back and bow,” he said. “It’s kind of amazing.”

And it’s totally worth it to play one of Broadway’s most famous bad boys.

“I definitely relate to Riff being a guy and having that feeling of when someone steps up in your face, you just want to knock him out.”


Catch Cody in West Side Story, now playing at the Palace Theater in New York City.

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