Watch your back, K-Fed! Steve-O, the outrageous, tattooed star of the Jackass movies has his targets set on a new career — rapping! And Steve-O’s first order of business is declaring war on Britney Spears’ ex-husband, Kevin Federline!

“I’m officially challenging K-Fed to a rap battle," Steve-O tells OK! about the diss track calling out Brit’s baby-daddy on his upcoming album, Hard as a Rock. "It’ll be just like that scene from 8 Mile!”

“I know that K-Fed has his ‘acting’ career and all, but if he’s a real man, he’ll step up and battle me!”

Some of you with keen memories may recall a very brief time in 2006 when K-Fed attempted to launch a career as a hip-hop star with his solo debut, Playing With Fire, which was released one week before Brit filed for a divorce from Kevin and which yielded such hit songs as… well, no hits actually.

Let’s just hope Steve-O’s album fares slightly better.

By Meaghan Murphy

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