Heroes cutie Hayden Panettiere had her ups and downs at the Comic-Con comic book convention in San Diego on July 26!


“The Heroes cast took the 7:20am train down from Los Angeles, arriving for their panel at the convention center with just minutes to spare,” a witness tells OK!.


“They were running late, so about thirty people from Heroes, including Hayden and boyfriend and co-star Milo Ventimiglia crowded into the elevator, causing it to shut down!


"After several minutes, the elevator started up again and inched down to the hall, where over six thousand fans, some of whom had camped outside overnight, were chanting ‘He-ROES! He-ROES!’


"After the cast finally made it to greet the fans, the fire marshal reprimanded security, ‘From now on, don’t allow more than fifteen people in that elevator!’”

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