Would you rather have Anne Hathaway‘s style or go on a shopping spree with Anna WintourLemondrop.com polled over 2,200 women and more than half of all women would want to follow the style of The Devil Wears Prada star if given the cash and a stylist. However, more than half of women don’t even know who the Vogue Editor-in-Chief is.

Only 18 percent would turn down an offer to go shopping with the EIC because they don’t care what she thinks. Sorry Anna, tough break!

When it comes to saving their cash, only 18 percent say they haven’t cut back on spending at all. Instead, they’re cutting back on going out. More than one-third of pollers are opting out of after-hours activities like restaurants, movies and concerts.  Another 29 percent have given up or slowed the shopping habit… well, just for now.

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