Every week (especially Sundays when I spend hours with stacks of newspapers), I have a habit of tearing clips that catch my attention, often for uses I hadn’t yet figured out. This weekly blog now gives those bits of newsprint a purpose and you possible topics for water cooler conversation stemming from stories you may have missed. Enjoy ;)xo

-If you meet a native New Yorker, or nearly anyone that lives in Manhattan proper for that matter, and ask if they live in New Jersey, your response will probably involve a grimace or sneer, it’s almost like a knee-jerk reaction. If someone in from or currently lives in New Jersey they’ll often tell people they live ‘in the New York area.’ If they admit to living in Jersey and are asked where, a common response is “20 minutes outside the city,” meaning New York CIty, rather than say the name of the  town where they live. That’s why I was surprised to read about a study done by Mental Health America that said despite often being mocked for living on the wrong side of the tunnel New Jersey residents ranked as the third-least-depressed in the country! By comparison, New York ranked 19th.

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