Desperate Housewives: “I know my mama’s dedicated, but I’m not sure she’d help me get my stoke on. Realizing Lynette’s chemotherapy was killing her daughter’s appetite, Stella tried to steer her daughter down an alternative medicinal route, and scored the best line of the night: “Let mama score you some kick-ass cronic.” When Lynette declined, Stella asserted her motherly love by whipping up a batch of pot-laced brownies and kept her secret ingredient hush-hush. (Bree will flip if she ever discovers son Andrew is the local drug dealer!) Not only did Lynette get the munchies, but she was hilarious while playing charades at Susan’s house, using Edie’s attempted suicide hanging as a clue for Hang ‘Em High. After everyone’s terrible secrets were revealed (Gaby’s affair with the then under-aged gardener, Katherine’s reveal of her ex-husband’s unspeakable deeds), Lynette then declared that Hang ‘Em High has three syllables! It’s nice that DH is finding ways to bring a little humor to something as serious as the battle against cancer. As for Gaby, who’s been sneaking around with her own ex-husband Carlos, I’m right with ya. I want a man who loves me enough to show it too!” – TV Fanatic

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