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Brothers & Sisters: The boys of Brothers & Sisters
really disappointed me tonight, save for Kevin, he’s in the clear. But
poor Justin is still sneaking the meds, and the family doesn’t even
have a clue. But he’s the least of the bad boys. First there’s rocker
Joe who we thought would have an amicable divorce with Sarah. She is
letting him keep his $40,000 guitar collection, you’d think he would go
easy on her. But no, he wants full custody of the kids. What is wrong
with that man? He was the one who cheated by making out with Sarah’s
sister, Rebecca! Why didn’t Kevin bring that up before the judge
awarded Joe primary physical custody. Then there’s Tommy. Yeah, we know
your wife left you and took your daughter with her, but making out with
the young assistant. How could you? And is it me or is it a little
suspicious that Tommy tells Lena that they have to keep things
professional, and later that night, she calls him from a club drunk and
needing a ride home. I’m sorry, but this girl really has no friends to
call, so she calls her boss? I don’t think so. Lena knows what she
wants and is going after it. Over on the political side, Robert’s
presidential campaign is in full swing just as Kitty learns she’s
pregnant. He doesn’t take the news too well and acts like a real jerk
about it because she didn’t tell him right away and of course how it
will affect his campaign. Luckily, by the end, Robert jumped on the
baby train, but he can’t be the first political candidate to have a
baby out of wedlock, can he?” — Rana

Desperate Housewives: “I dislike Katherine as much as any Wisteria Lane resident, but let’s face it, Bob and Lee’s metallic disaster of a fountain was pretty horrific. Katherine decided to resurrect the Home Owner’s Association and name herself president, which meant she could pretty much bulldoze anyone into making their front yard into one she found suitable (bye-bye Bree’s prized tree!). But Lynette, desperate to save her children’s disease-free zone tree house, challenged Katherine for the position. Nice to know that nothing, not even cancer, will stop Lynette from doing whatever it takes to protect her family. Susan’s desire for her husband to sleep at night swayed the votes in Katherine’s favor and she won in the end (and had a moment of niceness when she spared the Scavo’s tree house from imminent demolition), but the fountain’s going nowhere since Bob and Lee know what her handsome younger hubby Adam did back in Chicago. I’m thinking the words “affair” and “underage” are prominently involved! John the gardener returned (looking real good!) and tried to win Gaby back. But it only made Carlos realize that their love is too strong to keep under cover and that it’s time for him and Gaby break up with their respective significant others. Too bad it was a little too late for Edie, who hired a P.I. to trail the secret lovers. Victor would have just killed Carlos. Who knows what spurned girlfriend Edie might do!” — TV Fanatic

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