TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Rana Meyer break down your fave shows of the night!

Desperate Housewives: “Bob and Lee try to smooth the waters (pun intended!) with their neighbors by throwing a killah Halloween party. I hope they gave out prizes for best costumes of the night, which would have certainly gone to the Hodge family. Orson and Bree as Little Bo Peep and Little Boy Blue? Andrew as Cher? And Bree’s pregnant daughter Danielle shows up as her mother? Danielle impersonation’s of mommy was spot on and really became evident after she delivered her baby boy later that night, the one she unselfishly gave to her mother, as planned, so he would have the best life possible. Loved that Katherine’s husband Adam delivered the Hodge secret, and got of the best lines of the night after Bree warned him that what he was about to see needed to be kept in the strictest confidence: “Is this about the pregnancy you’ve been faking?” Gaby and Carlos are really ready to be back together – they’re fighting over money again. Edie is out for blood by giving Victor those adulterous pics of Gaby and Carlos kissing. But I think Victor would rather bury them than Carlos… Susan and Mike went to see his daddy, who’s in jail for a murder for which he shows no remorse, just like his son who also took a life. Is the killing gene hereditary? Better check Susan! Nice metaphor of Lynette’s pet scan being the possum that was destroying her garden. Lynette was determined to get rid of it, by any means necessary, which led to the funniest scene of the night: Bree complaining that the town council wouldn’t let them shoot guns in their own backyard and telling Lynette where she could get an air rifle to scare the possum away: “Try Gun City on Route 6 by the Baptist Church. Tell them Bree sent you and they’ll give you a nice discount!” In the end Lynette’s cancer was history and so was the possum, which Lynette found dead in her garden. I haven’t had to deal with cancer, but I can only imagine that it defines part of your life while you’re battling it. Lynette’s tears over the death of garden pests and her ordeal was part of the process of letting it go for good…” – TV Fanatic

Brothers & Sisters: “Tonight’s episode was a tearjerker, or maybe I’m just a sap. I did not have a good feeling about Kitty’s pregnancy. The minute she lied down for her first sonogram and the doctor paused for just a second, I just knew it was not going to be good and that she had had a miscarriage. But that is what is so great about this show. Week after week, it gets better and better, because you get so sucked into what is going on in their lives. When Robert admitted to guest star Danny Glover that he didn’t even want the baby and that was just killing him, my heart broke for him. But there was a lot of heartbreak all the way around the Walker family, like with Justin. He has definitely become an addict again, and every time I see him take another one of his pills, you just want to yell at the screen. Where is his family? If you had a recovering addict in your family and he had started to take pain meds, wouldn’t you be watching every little thing he does? The only shining point of the serious drama of the evening was Joe finally doing the right thing. Having this custody battle with Sarah was only having a negative effect on the kids; shared custody is the right move to make. Now here’s hoping Sarah and Joe can work out their problems, and somehow make their way back to each other.” – Rana

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