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Brothers & Sisters: “Things need to change. That was
quite a true sentiment uttered by matriarch Nora Walker on this week’s
episode. And it was quite an emotional one. The entire clan decided to
stage an intervention because things need to change with Justin, his
drug addiction needed to stop. And Dave Annabale deserves an
Emmy on his shelf come September. His reaction to his family when they
tried to sit him down was bone chilling. The way he went off on his
family when they tried to talk to him was so hurtful, but older sister
Kitty who had just suffered a miscarriage was able to get through to
him. The risk the family took was trying to detox Justin at home
instead of sending him to rehab. Can you imagine sitting up with your
brother as he threw up and was in agony all night long. Hello, Walkers!
Rehab has doctors for that sort of thing, but as the night went on,
other secrets were revealed. Tommy was MIA for the beginning of the
intervention, so it wasn’t looking too good when was tracked down at
the home of his assistant, Lena. But after being confronted about
having an affair by both Uncle Saul and Kevin, Tommy made the right
decision by putting an end to it. But what kind of working relationship
will Tommy and Lena be able to have? I just have a feeling that Lena is
going to be causing some trouble. At the same time, Saul had some
truths of his own to reveal. And he finally admitted to Nora that he
had been in love with a man before. I was actually shocked that Saul
actually admitted it, but how long will it be until the rest of the
family finds out about Saul and Tommy’s secrets. Lots of changes coming
for the Walkers, that’s for sure.” — Rana

Desperate Housewives: “It was a three-way tie over who was more conniving this week on Wisteria Lane. First up is Katherine. Her daughter Dylan finally took a stand, telling Katherine she was writing a genealogy report for school and was going to find out about her father, whether mommy liked it or not. It seemed that Katherine had finally backed down when she handed over a piece of paper containing her former husband’s personal stats and last known address, with a warning to Dylan not to tell her father where Katherine was, since the last time he had seen her he had tried to kill her. Dylan decided to abandon the project and walked away. Katherine opened the paper and it was blank. Genius! Second is Bree who wanted to get little Benjamin circumcised, even though Orson was against it, since he had been circumcised at age five, and was still traumatized. I’m not a guy and I can feel that pain! Still determined to get rid of a little extra skin, Bree snuck off to a friend’s brisk and asked the rabbi to give her son a snip on the side. Orson rightfully exploded when Bree casually mentioned it to him, and wondered if he would have any right to his son even if he wasn’t a blood relative. Bree conceded, asking Orson to hold their son. Third up was Lynette, who didn’t want her mommy’s boozing issues to cloud her doorstep any more. She met with her mousy sister Lydia and did a bait and switch, tossing her mother’s suitcases into her car and driving away while sis and Stella were still arguing in the diner. Lydia called in stronger sis Lucy (whomever cast the Wingfield sisters deserves an award) to help bring mom back to the Scavo home, and Lynette would soon learn her sisters despised their mother more than she did. When it came to the lesser of three evils, Lynette would have to keep her (though mom, hearing the contention, took off on her own to parts unknown!). Gabrielle and Susan were more reactionary to their husband’s secrets, which left one lying about his drug addiction and the other dead. You decide which is the more forgivable act…” – TV Fanatic

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