TV Fanatic and OK!’s Rana Meyer breaks down Sunday night TV.

Brothers & Sisters: “Boy, did the Walker
family snap back pretty quickly after last week’s drama-filled Justin
intervention episode. This hour was all-around a little more light as they
planned Kitty’s upcoming wedding to Senator McCallister. But when the Walkers
started talking about what song they lost their virginity to, that was
hysterical. That is not a typical conversation that you have while sitting
around your living room. But that conversation got Nora to look up her first
love, and shockingly yes, there was someone in her life before William Walker.
Who would have though that someone was Chevy Chase!
And he has aged – that was especially obvious since I had just watched National
Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation over the Thanksgiving weekend. It will be
interesting to see where this new relationship goes. In the meantime, the
Walkers and their affairs were causing all sorts of problems. Lena shows up to
work in a very revealing outfit just as Tommy’s wife Julia returns to the fold,
which has Lena asking Justin out. Big mistake, Justin. She’s just using you to
get back at Tommy and the first rule in recovery is no new relationships. This
one isn’t going to go down the right path. And then what has been coming for
quite a while, Kevin fell back into bed with Scotty because he still hasn’t
heard from his reverend boyfriend Jason, which in turn had Kevin finally
talking to Jason and breaking up with him. That’s the worst breakup phone call
to get when you’re halfway around the world, saving lives as a mission worker.
Next week’s wedding episode should be interesting with Lena
possibly coming with Justin and Kevin showing up with Scotty, even though Jason
is the groom’s brother. Drama lies ahead.” – Rana


Desperate Housewives: “I love that Stella was able to forgive the past with her ex-husband, who finally revealed to stepdaughter Lynette that he was gay. Stella may have lost a spouse, but she gained a new roommate and every single woman needs a great gay boyfriend in her life! This really was the guys’ episode as each learned what comes around goes around. Adam had to do a favor for Mike to keep his little Chicago secret that popped up on his doorstep just that. Orson had to hook Adam up with drugs in exchange keeping the truth behind Benjamin’s birth under wraps. And Orson, hoping he wouldn’t jog Mike’s memory, gave in to his drug demands. Pretty funny that Susan tried to fix her daughter Julie with Mike’s drug dealer. I knew that Victor was faking his memory loss (it’s already been done on DH so it would have been redundant), but it was still so creepy when her grabbed Gabrielle close and told her he knew everything. Let the blackmailing begin!” – TV Fanatic 


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