TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Rana Meyer breaks down the hot TV show of the night!


Desperate Housewives: “It took a tornado to bring truth to Wisteria Lane, and oh what a serum it was! Susan took a hard stand that Mike enter rehab or lose her and the baby for good. It was out of character for her to show that kind of strength, and I dug it. Katherine told Sylvia what she thought of her when she spit in her face and that was n-a-s-t-y, but would soon learn that Adam’s former patient wasn’t lying – he had done the nasty with her! Ouch. The revelation did bring a bickering Bree and Katherine together. Two frenemies who also united were Gaby and Edie as they took shelter together in a basement safe hole after a hilarious cat fight over the paperwork that would unlock Carlos’ millions. The same can’t be said for Victor. He wanted to shoot Carlos dead for having an affair with Gaby and wound up taking one in the back himself in the form of a raging fence post that impaled him. Kinda gruesome, especially for DH. Someone was scheduled to die on Wisteria Lane. I was glad it wasn’t Mrs. McCluskey when she went to look for Ida’s cat, though it was kind of easy to have not-really-a-character-and-more-of-a-plot-device Sylvia blow away. Speaking of blown, I could not believe the Scavo home went the way of two of the three Little Pigs who tussled with the big bad wolf: totally annihilated.” – TV Fanatic 


Brothers & Sisters: “What a wonderful wedding for the Walker family, and in typical Walker fashion, it was full of fun, surprises and hi-jinks. It all started out with Robert springing on Kitty that he wants them to write their own vows. Yeah, Kitty writes speeches for him all the time on the campaign trail, but her own vows with one day’s notice? Kitty was struggling, she even delved into some poetry by Keats, but that wasn’t working. She was hoping an inspirational pre-wedding sit-down with her mother would give her some inspiration but that was no go. Then as the big day hit, Kitty found out that the guy she blackmailed to keep quiet about Robert’s spotty military record was coming back to haunt them. She really felt she needed to tell Robert. And I can totally understand that, you don’t want to be making life-long vows, with some secret between you. After Robert said his wonderfully romantic vows, Kitty blurted out that she needed to talk to him privately. The funniest part of all of that was the bets all the brothers had made about whether she would even make it through the “I dos.” But Kitty shocked them all when the wedding continued, since Robert of course totally understood about the blackmail. It is politics, after all! Meanwhile, Tommy’s big secret affair with Lena is about to blow, as Rebecca figured it out and told Justin. This was when things got really funny, the boys started fighting and they were thrown in lockdown, by the Secret Service. This is a presidential candidate’s wedding after all. At the same time, after being snubbed by all of the McCallister clan, due to his dumping Jason, Kevin started joking around that he should kill Robert. He was kidding, of course, but those Secret Service don’t take those things lightly. He was also thrown in lockdown, along with Nora’s first love, Stan, who had been caught smoking up. Hysteria ensued. But then the ending of the episode is the one that brought up all sorts of questions. A man from Holly’s past showed up on her door (played by Ken Olin, co-creator and her real-life husband) and asked who the picture of Rebecca was. My prediction, Rebecca isn’t a Walker, she is this guy’s daughter. And this will lead the way to a Rebecca and Justin romance. It could be all hooey, but it’s just my prediction.” — Rana


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