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Rock of Love 2: "With the Globes reduced to a mere press conference I could fast forward through in 15 minutes on my DVR, I decided to turn my attention to the season premiere of Rock of Love 2, where aging rocker Bret Michaels is looking for love in all the wrong places — mainly among a group of scantily clad bimbos, some who are almost half his age. That would be my first problem with this show. But I took a stiff sip of Merlot and forced myself to get through it.

Since all the girls had done their homework and seen at least the first episode of last season’s Rock of Love, they knew some girls would be eliminated before they even made it into the mansion. Four girls were called out, but psych!, they actually got VIP passes and special gifts (designer sweatpants?), for being Bret’s special girls. One cheesy blonde looked eerily familiar: it was non other that Megan, winner of Beauty and the Geek 3! Obviously, her half of Geek’s $250,000 prize wasn’t enough to keep her happy cause she was looking for love with a man who wears more eyeliner than she does (umm, what happened to the fiancé she spoke of in the reunion show?).

All the girls get in the house and the drinking/stripping/tongue kissing begins. They all pretty much blend into one another with their mini-skirts and stiletto heels and gobs of makeup and come across pretty smutty, except for Kristy Jo, who doesn’t want to kiss Bret after 19 girls have stuck their who-knows-where-they’ve-been tongues in his mouth. I don’t even know what to say about Angelique, and neither does Bret, except to say that she’s a whole lotta (fake) woman. (Could she be the rumored transsexual on the show? I would believe it!) I dig Catherine, who’s 45 and actually seems to have a head on her shoulders – now if she could only get rid of that hairstyle circa 1987.

This show is designed to objectify women and since most ?of these gals just want to further their reality star careers they put up with it, but I still think it’s pretty gross. During elimination, Jackye, who was the last woman selected to stay, decided not to accept Bret’s pass and go home. Here’s a ?translation of her reason for splitting: “There is no way in hell I’m staying in this den of sin with these? skanky hos, no offense.”??? Erin, who was initially a V.I.P., got sent home Bret said it was because she was too young, and I agree. No reason for him to wind up on an episode of To Catch a Predator." — TV Fanatic


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