They might have a combined age of 19 months, but it sounds like the Schreiber-Watts boys are quite the hot toddlers about town – at least if you listen to their mom and dad.

Proud parents Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts joked with uber-cool New York style site Fashion Week Daily that there are a bevy of celebutots who already have designs on 18-month-old Sasha, and one-month-old Samuel.

Leading the crawl, they say, are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s 6-month-old, Sunday Rose and and Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher’s little lady Olive, who’s one.

"Sunday Rose is after our boy really heavy," he joked at a New York screening of his new movie, Defiance, "and I think it’s kind of weird and early, and I think she should back off, slow down and get her act together before that all happens."

"And Olive’s been after our baby for a while too," he said.


"[But the boys are] going to take their time – they’re young men, they live in New York, they’ve got the world in front of them, lots of things to do before they have to settle down. There’s no rush," he said.


To listen to them, it’s fair to say the couple think their little ones are going to be a real pair of kindergarten casanovas.


For example, take the way Liev describe his oldest son: "Dishy. Is that still a word, dishy? I can say that about my son? The boy is really, really dishy. Really, don’t you think Sasha’s dishy?," he asked Naomi.

"Oh, I think he’s gorgeous," he said. "Like you’d want to make out with him – that kind of guy."

Um, OK, guys – this is getting kind of weird now…

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