As a tanning salon owner, Sunset Tan star Janae Alt has seen her share of tanning disasters, but one stands out.

"Someone went into the tanning booth and peed in the trash can," Janae tells OK! at the Sunset Tan season 2 premiere party at Les Deux in Hollywood on July 30.

"I guess they were pretty relaxed and didn’t want to leave the tanning bed. Unfortunately, we didn’t notice it until three clients had been in that booth. If we knew who it was, they would have been banned for life from the salon, but instead we were left with three suspects. It never happened again, but the experience really traumatized me!"

Janae also has a bit of tanning advice, "Moisturize! It’s the most important thing you can do if you tan. It helps to prevent aging. My favorite lotion is the Beverly Hills Bronze."

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