Packing up for another year at Sundance. I’ve gotten better at this than I was when I started – like now I know dresses and stilettos aren’t applicable and jeans and dare I say Uggs are more fashionable, but I still make a habit of over-packing – and with a few fluffy sweaters, scarves and jackets it all piles up pretty fast.

I’ve got Nivea products (thanks Christina) to keep me from getting chapped, lots of Airborne to keep from getting sick (last year we invented a yummy vodka, Red Bull, Airborne cocktail), lots of tapes for the hours of amazing conversation I hope to have (I’m sitting down with 50 Cent for one, he’s hosting the OK! Sundance dinner party at the vitaminwater house) Earth shoes circa Sundance three years ago (they have a reverse incline so it’s like a workout while you walk), New Balance sneakers, because I have a training session at the ‘G’ Gym at Village at the Yard with trainer to the stars Gunnar Peterson – which will likely leave me unable to walk – Zone Bars for times I can’t make it for the yummy granola at the T-Mobile Café, my laptop, so I can check Facebook -which would probably be frowned upon while working from the MySpace Café at The Sundance Lift– and some black clothes I can put on after getting Fake Bake tanned at the Hollywood Life House.

Ok, that should do it. Probably not, but it’s a start. Speaking of survival…I just called Bob Crowley, the winner of the latest season of Survivor, to discuss a bow-tie line I’m facilitating bringing to life and his wife informed me he wasn’t home because he was out helping a neighbor light the pilot light on their stove. He always was good at making fire.
Hopefully the Survivor Bob bow-tie from Five Star Bow Ties catch fire as well, well, once they’re produced. Stay tuned.

Babble at you from Sundance 😉 xo

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