While the Britain’s Got Talent tour continued on at the Cardiff International in Arena in Wales, Susan Boyle had to pull out of peforming for the fourth time, BBC News reports.


Her publicist said she was "really disappointed" and "sorry to all her fans," but her health decisions are made on a day-by-day basis and she just needs rest.

"She would love to be able to perform every single evening but she is aware of what she can and can’t do," says the publicist of SuBo. "I feel sorry for her because she doesn’t want to let people down but also she needs to have a rest."


Susan has missed almost half of the tour shows, including two canceled performances at the Manchester MEN Arena and one in Liverpool. However, she received standing ovations when she did make it to the stage in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

From the sound of it, Susan might miss even more, as her publicist says she’ll need more rest breaks in the future. She insists, however, that Susan is not being pulled from the tour entirely.


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