As the details of the alleged extortion plot involving John Travolta and Kelly Preston and the death of their son Jett, TMZ reports that former Sen. Pleasant Bridgewater has pled not guilty to two charges against her, abetment to extort and and conspiracy to extort.


Bahamian police, who have also charged paramedic Tarino Lightbourne with extortion, confirmed yesterday that they were investigating an extortion complaint made by the Travoltas.


"All I can say here is that, you know, there was a complaint made by Mr. Travolta – and those acting on his behalf –that there was an attempt on behalf of a number of individuals to extort initially some $25 million from the Travoltas," Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames told the The Nassau Guardian.


And while there had been suspicion that a picture of Jett in the ambulance after he collapsed was at the center of the extortion plot, officials indicated yesterday that an "unauthenticated" document absolving medical professionals of responsibility was the basis for the alleged plot.


Bridgewater resigned from lawmaking after she was arrested, and is free after posting her $40,000 bail.

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