Suzanne Vega, who is touring the U.S. in support of her latest album Beauty and Crime, tells me she has written six songs about Paul Mills, her hubby of one year, but the song “Found” is the first one she admits he inspired.

“He is my gift,” the “Luka” singer, 48, tells me on the red carpet at Fashion Rocks. “No one knew the other songs were for him.”

What’s the key to a happy marriage? “Having the same values. It’s not very flashy, but I think it helps if you both love the same things and value and respect the same things.”

The ’80s icon tells me her relationship with her daughter, Ruby Froom, 13, is what she cherishes most.

“Before I had my daughter, I could do what I wanted,” she tells me. “I had a lot of money, a lot of time, I could pretty much spend my life the way I wanted. Now, I have the responsibility of another human being. It’s really been great. There’s nothing like it. Now I have to be more disciplined with my songwriting. I have to schedule my life a little bit more.”

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