I think I’ve discovered the yin to the yang of my lifestyle. Although I try to lead a relatively healthy life, I appreciate that between the regular alcohol consumption and all the other random stuff I put in and on my body, a fair amount of toxins have built up somewhere. I recently bought Dr. Brandt’s detoxifying serum and I have every cream for perfect complexion, but after today, I think I’m sold on a remedy that’s been offered in NYC since it opened in 1892 – the Russian Turkish Bathhouse. It’s also available everywhere else under its commercial name: a sauna.


I’ve heard this place was no frills, and what I’ve heard was correct, but after one visit to the historic bathhouse I’m a fan and finally educated myself on the benefits of saunas. This particular bathhouse had a variety of wet and dry saunas, including one room that’s heated by a 20,000lb rock that’s literally cooked at night and emanates heat all day. After a few minutes, I was dripping sweat could feel my pores opening up. That’s when I broke out a mud mask someone suggested I bring. After my friends and I slathered ourselves in mud, we went back into one of the dry saunas for the mud to dry (which took less than a minute!) and then poured big buckets of freezing cold water over our heads to rinse it off! Everyone else in the room seemed unfazed heaving a huge bucket of water straight over their heads. I was initially a bit more ambivalent, but it was liberating. Walking around in a bikini in the co-ed sauna was a bit liberating too because the environment has a really relaxed, non-judgmental vibe I’ve never seen before in a place where men and woman are walking around together sweaty and nearly naked.


What I learned from the experience is:

Since it gets your heart racing (and sweating), 15-20 minutes in the sauna can be the equivalent of an hour of physical exercise!

There aren’t many alternatives to get your skin feeling so fresh and clean.

A session in a sauna is relaxing and helps release toxins through sweat that makes you feel lighter afterwards.

Cute seemingly straight men go to the Russian Turkish Bath!

You can check it out at http://www.russianturkishbaths.com/

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