I read that the New York Times endorsed senators Hilary Clinton and John McCain for president. Regardless of my opinion on who should be president, I don’t think a vehicle people turn to for education on the elections and the news should pick favorites. I think they should remain impartial and stick to educating people on the facts.


To learn where you stand based on the candidates beliefs and stance on important issues, before you vote I strongly recommend taking a quiz or two from one or more websites such as www.glassbooth.org, www.selectsmart.com or www.gotoquiz.com,  to gauge who you should endorse for president based on who shares political views rather than who a newspaper, celebrity or even family member tells or suggests.


I don’t think people should pressure not familiar with any of the candidates to vote for one candidate over the other but I do think it’s important to vote and make an educated vote. Go rock the vote, each quiz only takes a minute. 😉

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