Girls might just wanna have fun — but those girls better make sure they are licensed to tattoo before they wield the ink: The NYC tattoo parlor where Rihanna inked up some of the staff was issued a citation for letting her try her hand at the skill.

TMZ reports that East Side Ink was issued the citation from the NYC Department of Health, for “operating with an unlicensed tattoo artist on site” the day after RiRi made her marks on three men, including her tattoo artist Bang Bang. Fines could be between $200-$2,000.

At the time, her human canvases told OK! they were impressed with her skills with the needle.

“It’s a pretty nerve-wracking thing to do your first time,” artist Josh Lord told OK!. “We were amazed how well she kept her cool… By the third one, she was good.”

Though he did admit that Rihanna got progressively better as she practiced.

“[Bang Bang] went first. And let’s put it this way, each one was better than the last,” he said, adding, “I’d hire her. If her career doesn’t work out, she’s got a back-up.”

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