Three days after her arrest and trying to pass off her attempt to purchase crack cocaine as "research," Tatum O’Neal is taking responsibility for her "mistake."

“I have peace in my life. I made a mistake," she tells Extra. "I have a good life. I have healthy children. I made a bad mistake and unfortunately I’m well- known and that’s what happens.”

When confronted by cops Sunday evenning outsider her Lower East side home, the Oscar winner said she was purchasing drugs for research for a movie role and wanted them to "forget about it." The next day, Tatum rescinded her story, stating the reason behind her near-relapse was due to the death of her 16-year-old dog, Lena, and also thanked the police for "saving" her.

“I’m on the road to recovery. It’s an every day struggle," she says. "You try to do the best you can. I go to a 12-step program. I go every single day. Sometimes I go twice a day."

As for her children Kevin, 22, Sean, 20 and Emily, 17, with ex-husband John McEnroe, the 44-year-old says the whole ordeal is "embarrassing" for them.

"How do you think they would be feeling?" she says. "It’s embarrassing, right? They love me very much. They know I have a problem.”

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