It has been nine years since the radio has heard new Taylor Dayne, but now she is ready to take the charts by storm. Now, a mother of twin five-year-olds, she has a different story to tell and her first single, "Beautiful," is sure to be an overnight success.

“’Beautiful’ is about a big time infatuation,” Taylor tells OK! “And tons of desire for a certain man.” Though she would not divulge anymore, she did hint that if you listen hard enough, you’ll know.

And the good sounds don’t stop after the first single. “The most personal song for me I guess would be a tie between ‘Beautiful’ and ‘The Fall,’” she explains. “One expresses the joy I felt of a new love and infatuation, while the other is a true heartfelt heartache over the struggles of a relationship.”

Satisfied hits stores Feb. 5 and Taylor couldn’t be prouder. “I just want my fans old and new to be able to hear it.”

You don’t have to tell us; it will be heard loud and clear!


By Alisandra Puliti

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