After almost being cut from the next installment of Twilight for not being buff enough to portray a werewolf, Taylor Lautner bulked up just in time to reclaim his role in New Moon and apparently his new body caught the eye of directors on the upcoming superhero flick Max Steel, according to Just Jared.

The 17-year-old heartthrob has been confirmed to play the role of Max Steel, which is still in development and in hopes to be released in 2011.

According to Just Jared, Deadline reports that Taylor will trigger the role of a, ““19-year-old extreme sports junkie recruited by a secret agency after an accident infects his body, leaving him with superhuman powers.”

The sci-fi flick seems to be the perfect role for the budding young actor, who recently drastically improved his body, now boasting abs of stee fit for an action star.


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