Looking radiant in a red gown not dissimilar to the one she wore when she finally got the chance to give her acceptance at Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift made her first appearance at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week since having the spotlight stolen from her by Kanye West.

And the star seems well and truly over it, telling OK!, “I’m great!”

The singer sat between Penn Badgley and Naomi Watts in the front row of the Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2010 show, beaming and chatting happily with friends. She even took pictures with one or two lucky fans who got to meet her before the night kicked off.

“You would never know that she’s been at the center of a scandal all week,” said one onlooker. “She didn’t seem like she had a care in the world. You can tell she was so over Kanye and his rudeness.”

Russell Simmons, who chatted with Taylor after the show, told OK!, “She seemed great. She’s poised and beautiful and very mature. She handled it well on television, and I don’t think she’s worried about it now.”

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