Taylor Swift is on the road with Rascal Flatts, and she certainly rides in style on her tour bus, which cost nearly $1 million.

“My biggest splurge was my tour bus,” she tells me. “I got a custom-made tour bus with a fireplace, a pull-down treadmill, all kinds of cool stuff. It’s got hardwood floors, it’s a really cool bus.”

She’s no diva, though.

“I don’t really spend that much money except for putting money back into my career with tour buses, or treating my band right, or treating my career right. I want everybody on my team to be happy.”

The 18-year-old star can’t get enough of Starbucks iced-caramel lattes when she’s on the road. And don’t forget the water bottles!

What’s something we don’t know about her?

“I wear glasses,” Taylor tells me. “Pretty much when I don’t have pictures taken or whenever I’m not on stage, whenever I’m in my downtime, I have glasses on. I have two pairs. I have one pair that’s purple. They’re pointed at the edges and they’re thin. Then I have a pair of glasses that are really, really wide, bifocally-looking glasses that no one recognizes me when I wear. They’re the pair of glasses that nobody was going to buy. They were really dusty and nobody wanted them. I felt bad for them, and I wear them everywhere. I bought them and I gave them a nice home. I love them.”

And, what’s her most embarrassing moment onstage?

“This one time I had a bug land on my face, and I was on a Jumbotron. I had a camera on my face, and the crowd could see this giant bug. We were playing an ampitheater, and there was this enormous bug on my face. There’s this horrifying moment when the crowd starts laughing, and you’re wondering what’s so funny, and that turns to embarrassment. And then you’re wondering what’s embarrassing that’s happening to you. And you’re looking around, you look at the screen and you see that there’s a giant bug on your face. It was classic.”

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