Most 19-year-olds don’t get to be famous country singers, but then again, most aren’t Taylor Swift.


The sweet songstress is modest about her fame, however, telling the Associated Press that her success has been "really fun."


"I wanted this, since the time I was a little girl. I’ve always just wished that maybe someday people would care about the words that I wrote," she says. "I’m so lucky that my songs are basically my diary put to music. I’m so lucky that I get to write my own music and write my own stories, so every single time I look down in the audience and I see somebody singing the words back to me, it makes it all worth it."


And as for that good girl image, Taylor doesn’t mind it, as long as she gets to be a bad girl in one aspect.


"You know I don’t really rebel in a lot of areas in my life. … But the one place where I’m allowed to rebel, and the one place where I’m allowed to not worry about censoring myself is my music," she confesses. "I don’t need to edit names out of songs and I don’t need to edit details out of my songs because I’ve always been able to be honest with my music. That’s the one place where I’m never ever going to change how I do things."


The "Fearless" artist will be featured in her very own hour-long Dateline special on Sunday night, May 31.

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