Taylor Swift may be country’s hottest new star, but if there’s one dream she hasn’t accomplished yet, it’s putting on a pair of scrubs and waiting to hear the words "action!"

The blonde beauty tells AOL Music’s TheBoot.com that her ultimate fantasy is to appear on Grey’s Anatomy.

"That would be my absolute dream," she says. "I would love to do it if it was very well written and witty. I would love to be in some sort of supporting role."

Swift says her role model at the moment is Faith Hill. "It just blows me away that she can be so incredibly beautiful and talented and such a huge star," she says. "Every time Faith talks to me, she’s incredibly sweet."


Taylor may be beautiful and talented, but the singer says she still has embarrassing moments. "I have them all the time," she says. "Mostly it has to do with me being tall. I’ll always be hitting my head on the side of a car or going through a door. I think I’ve gotten minor concussions from hitting my head on things."

She also says people confuse her for the opposite sex! "In the beginning when I was on the radio tour and doing free shows, people would introduce me as Taylor Hicks, because that was right when he won American Idol," she says.




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