If anybody knows how hard it can be to turn an American Idol win into a hot music career, it’s Taylor Hicks.

So the season six champ speaks with some authority when he says that this year’s winner, David Cook, could be a huge star.

"I think he has a great shot [at success]," Hicks, 31, told OK! at a ceremony at Planet Hollywood where he made a hand-print in concrete to commemorate his Broadway debut in Grease.

Taylor, from Birmingham, Alabama, says that by sticking with his grungy, indie rock sound throughout the contest, the 25-year-old has set him up well for life after Idol.

"The rock genre he’s in is really… radio loves rock," he said. "I think it’s going to work wonders for him. He’s carved himself a little niche for his own identity, and I think he’s going to do well."

Taylor, who has released one album since his Idol victory, just made his first ever Broadway appearance on Friday as the Teen Angel, played in the movie by crooner Frankie Avalon.

The soul singer says he has felt "nervous, and overwhelmed" by his theatrical debut and thinks that treading the boards is even scarier than performing in front on nearly 30 million viewers on American Idol.

"Idol was nerve-wracking, but getting into a particular role was even a little bit more nerve-wracking," he said.


"It’s just, the whole idea of playing a part as a character," but, he added, "I’m really excited to see how the next three or four months unfolds."

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