With a guest list that included a very buxom Jessica Simpson, Janet Jackson and the hottest couple Zac and Vanessa there to take in lingerie models and Dita Von Teese’s burlesque act it was a party guaranteed to get a little feisty!

Zac and Vanessa held hands and chatted all night long, even while a man in drag oogled Zac. Zac’s appeal really knows no bounds! Also, knowing no bounds was Jessica’s enthusiasm for the Foo Fighters set post fashion show. She and hairdresser BFF Ken Paves rocked out while the band got down!

But nothing really got the crowd going more than Dita Von Teese’s act. Yes, there were lingerie models there, but Dita strips down to almost naked! Maybe Ian Ziering said it best. He was overheard telling a lady friend, ““It’s all about the charity tonight – that’s what’s important.”

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Ian!

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