If Barack Obama’s girls ever need a babysitter at the White House, they can count on one person to be on call – Teri Hatcher.

The Desperate Housewives star tells OK! she’s had plenty of practice looking after kids and would be more than willing to watch Malia, 10, and 7-year-old Sasha if the president ever needs a date night with wife, Michelle.

“I end up being the great babysitter at every event I ever go to,” Teri explains. “They’d come my way and I’d be the babysitter, which would be just fine.”

Teri, who brought her daughter, Emerson Rose, 11, with her to the inauguration on Tuesday, says if a babysitter isn’t needed, she’d have no problem settling on a playdate at the White House.

“Of course we would!” she says. “If we’re ever so lucky to be invited.”

Although her daughter will have to wait several years before she can cast her vote in an election, the inauguration was no less memorable for the mother-daughter duo.

“I feel like it’s a day, whether we’re standing a mile away and can actually see or not, I think it’s a day she’ll remember sharing with me twenty years from now,” Teri says. “I feel like (Obama) represents and brings to our country just this great ability to pull everyone together to unite a spirit of wanting change and to be tolerant and  move forward. That’s the best we could ask for.”

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By Laura Lane

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