Meet the Fockers star Teri Polo is leery about tying the knot again after a bad divorce. But she just might give marriage another try. ‘I have a boyfriend now of three years,’ the actress said, referring to her beau, drummer Jamie Wollam, who has played with music legend Jackson Browne. ‘I’m considering getting married again. I’ve not lost faith in that institution.’Teri, 37, whose upcoming FOX show The Wedding Bells is about wedding planners, walked down the aisle before in 1997 with actor Anthony Moore. They divorced in 2003 and have a 4-year-old son, Griffin.’I ran off to Vegas to get married and now I’m divorced but I have the most beautiful child in the entire universe who I would never, ever trade,’ Teri revealed. ‘I would live every part of my marriage and my subsequent, and very hard, divorce?again to have my son. It was a roundabout way to happiness.’Now she figures marriage might be worth a second shot: ‘I’m older; I’m smarter. I’m no longer searching for something to complete me? and therefore I’m now able to find someone to be a partner with.’Teri also recently confirmed that production is moving forward on Meet the Little Focker, a third film in the Meet the… series, though no release date has been set.

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