Season 6 of The Little Couple, which premieres tonight on TLC, brings a whole new set of challenges for Jen Arnold and Bill Klein. Throughout the new season, the couple welcomes their second adopted child and deals with Jen’s cancer diagnosis in the middle of it all. We chatted with Bill, one half of America’s favorite reality couple, who told us how Zoey has changed things for the family,  how he stacks up as Mr. Mom, and the show’s “overzealous” fans. Plus, which reality TV couple does Bill look up to? It’s all below!

And PS: There’s an exclusive clip from the season premiere at the bottom of this post, so keep scrolling!

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OK!: Season 6 is definitely the most personal for you guys, following along with Jen’s cancer treatment. Was there ever a point that you wanted to shut off the cameras? 
Bill Klein: Of course! Sometimes you just want your privacy, but our production company has been extended family to us for years now. And occasionally, we did indeed ask the cameras to go away,even if the production folks hung around for a bit.


OK!: Are you scared to watch back the footage of it all happening, especially since now Jen is in remission?
BK: I am thankful it’s over. Jen made it through a very tough time in our lives and came out of it okay. While it’s painful to see her go through that stuff again, it’s just history now.

OK!: How has Will adjusted to being a big brother, and how has the transition been with bringing Zoey into the family?
BK: Will is a great big brother. He loves Zoey and you can see he enjoys taking on some of the little responsibilities associated with that title.

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OK!: What’s the biggest challenge with having two kids?
BK: Find time to do everything. We obviously want to spend time with each of them, together and separately. It’s tough making time for everything.


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OK!: Do you think you make a good Mr. Mom?
BK: I can tell you I am a decent Mr. Mom…and I need a lot of work on a lot of thing. But I’m willing, and I work for very little pay!

OK!: Are there any other reality TV couples/parents that you two are inspired by?
BK: I don’t know about inspired, but I like the Osbournes as my reality TV couple fav.  My inspiration lies nearer to my heart…if I could be as good to my kids as my parents were/are to me, I would have accomplished a lot.

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OK!: Tha’ts so sweet! What has been your craziest fan encounter?
BK: There are no crazy fans… just overzealous ones!

OK!: Do you get fans coming up to you, asking for medical advice?
BK: That’s for Jen.. if they asked for medical advice from me, they better get a second opinion.


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OK!: Why do you think people should tune into season 6?
BK: I think season 6 is our best yet. It’s raw, endearing and I believe a lot of people will see themselves in us… which means we aren’t as different as one may have expected when we first started the show.

Watch this EXCLUSIVE clip from tonight’s premiere below, as Jen and Bill prep for their trip to India to pick up Zoey. It’s clearly not easy packing up two adults and a toddler for a trip across the world:

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The Little Couple airs tonight at 10pm on TLC! And be sure you’re following along with Jen and Bill on Twitter, who will be live-tweeting the premiere at the hashtag #LittleCouple.  Are you excited for season 6? Excited to see how Will and Zoey interact as brother and sister? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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