If you’re a fan of Saved by the Bell, you must check out Bayside! The Musical! at Theatre 80 in New York City. Spoofing the best moments from the hit ’90s teen show, Bayside! The Musical! will have you rolling in the aisles over Jessie’s pill “addiction,” Slater’s subconscious homophobic tendencies and, of course, Zack’s giant cell phone!

Here’s some must-see episodes that are hilariously spoofed in Bayside! The Musical!


The One With Jessie Spano’s Caffeine Pill Meltdown
When Jessie got hooked on caffeine pills it was supposed to teach us a life lesson about saying no to drugs. Instead, the dramatic freakout (Season 2, Episode 9) became one big joke that is mocked mercilessly (and brilliantly by April Kidwell ) throughout Bayside! The Musical!.

The One With Becky the Duck
Remember the time the students learned an important lesson about ecology because their feathered friend died in an oil spill. Yup, Becky the Duck (Season 3, Episode 11) gets big laughs in Bayside! The Musical!

The One With Beauty Pageant
Zack and Slater made a bet on who can win the Miss Bayside Beauty Pageant… and obviosuly, the winner was Screech. (Season 2, Episode 8)

The Ones With Violet Bickerstaff (aka Tori Spelling)
Before 90210, Tori Spelling appeared in a string of Season 2 Saved by the Bell episodes as Violet Bickerstaff, the nerdy, pigtailed girlfriend of Screech. In Bayside! The Musical!, her character jokes her family is relocating to Beverly Hills.

Photo by Alice S. Hall/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Photo by Alice S. Hall/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The Ones at the Beach Club
In Season 3, the gang took summer jobs at the Malibu Sands beach resort working for Mr. Carosi and his daughter Stacey. Remember those green bathing suits they wore as uniforms? They wear them in Bayside! The Musical!

The Ones With Tori Scott
In Season 4, Leanna Creel played a biker babe named Tori Scott who wore lots of leather and was wise beyond her years. In Bayside! The Musical!, the Tori character is prominently featured as the voice of reason.

Saved By The Bell

The Ones With Miss Bliss
True Saved by the Bell fans know that the show started out as Good Morning, Miss Bliss on the Disney Channel. Hayley Mills played Miss Bliss, teacher to a young Zack, Lisa and Screech, who went M.I.A. when the show was bought by NBC. In Bayside! The Musical!, there’s posters on the lockers for a Miss Bliss Memorial Dance.

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