Tone your tummy with Nora Tobin, nutrition and performance specialist, fitness consultant for Four Seasons and Belmond hotels, Shape and OK! Contributing Editor and Wilhelmina model.

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Turn heads with your sexy midsection! This ultimate abs program, which will help you shed weight, burn fat and look your very best, focuses on essential abdominal exercises and crucial nutritional substitutions to fulfill your ultimate goals. Added bonus: It does not require significant time in the gym or kitchen. You can incorporate this routine on the go!Tired of endless crunches? Swap them for movements that work the entire core. It’s important not only to train the rectus abdominus to get the definition we all love but also to activate the transverse abdominus, which flattens everything out. These moves challenge the core in all different planes of motion, giving you a nice flat stomach, hourglass figure and shredded core. Have fun!

Straight-Arm Plank With Arm Raise  (Flatten Everything Out)

Step 1: Come into a straight-arm plank position, with wrists under shoulders and feet slightly more than hip-width apart. Keeping hips level, lift right arm up to shoulder height. Extend arm straight out in front of you.

Step 2: Return to center and switch sides. Maintain a straight spine, and engage the legs to support the body. Perform 10 reps each side


Push-Up Hold  (Score Major Definition)

Step 1: Come into a straight-arm plank position with wrists under shoulders. Drop down onto knees while maintaining a straight spine.


Step 2: Lower chest toward the floor, keeping elbows close to your sides. Hold for five to 10 seconds. Press all the way back to starting position. Repeat the movement five more times.


Side Plank With Knee To Chest (Get An Hourglass Figure)

Step 1: Come into a side plank, your forearm parallel with the front of your mat, feet stacked and hips high. Form a straight line from head to heels. If just beginning, start with the bottom knee resting on the floor and hold for 30 seconds each side.

Step 2: If you are ready to take it to the next level, draw your top leg in toward your chest. Return to starting position, feet stacked. Maintain a straight spine and still torso throughout the entire movement. Perform 10 reps each side.


Nutrition Tip: Be Fit, Look Fab

Research suggests that refueling with protein and carbs after exercise may help promote muscle recovery. For a good source of protein postworkout, snack on Wonderful Pistachios, one of the lowest-fat, lowest-calorie — and tastiest — nuts around!


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