If Christmas movies aren’t your thing, here’s a few other non-holiday-themed titles that are New on Netflix and worth streaming this week.

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The Wolf of Wall Street
If you want to boycott this movie because Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t win the Oscar for it, that’s fine. But you’ll be missing out on what some critics deemed the best film of 2013, based on the real life Wall Street stockbroker Jordan Belfort and his fraudulent activity with the FBI, drugs, women, etc.

Marco Polo 
Did you know that the game you play in the pool is actually based on a real life person? Netflix’s new original series probably won’t hold a candle to House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black, but this drama about the famous explorer in 13th century China is educational, if nothing else.

A Haunted House 2
What are the chances of living in two houses that are haunted? Almost non-existent but nonetheless, Marlon Wayans returns as his quirky character Malcolm in the sequel, which finds him mourning over the death of his girlfriend.

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