The TV Fanatic and OK!’s Derek Ivie recap Thursday night TV for you!

30 Rock: “Oh, Kenneth the Page, how I love thee!  Again in this episode we see Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) being used as a sexual pawn in someone else’s clever plan.  Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) has divorced his wife and Kenneth and Tracy’s posse come up with the plan to have Kenneth flirt with Tracy’s ex in order to make him jealous.  It backfires and Tracy wanted Kenneth to pleasure his ex-wife.  Instead Kenneth vomits. At least he tried! Jack’s (Alec Baldwin) arch-nemesis, Devon Banks (Will Arnett) is back and is looking to own the company by marrying the president’s daughter… even though he is gay and was once (and still is) strongly attracted to Kenneth. That plot line is amazing and poor Kenneth is just stuck in the middle once again! Side note: Where has Pete (Scott Adsit)  Liz’s right-hand-man been? I miss him!” – Derek

The Office: “Last night was the third one-hour episode of the season.  Let’s be real here, it is like they took two half hour episodes and didn’t run the credits in between.  Although it was funny it just didn’t flow. Both episodes has the underlying party theme, but the first half was clearly about Dwight (Rainn Wilson) trying to beat the computer and the second half was about the party and kidnapping the pizza delivery boy. It was just weird. Although you have to give it up for Phyllis. She was testing Angela (Angela Kinsey) and ended up throwing the post-its in her face. Nice move.  Also Andy (Ed Helms) rules with his a cappella version of ABBA’s “Take A Chance On Me.” Any time a show brings Swedish pop into the mix I am all for it! And again Pam and Jim are adorable, but I am beginning to get nervous. I feel Karen might come back and ruin everything! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!” – Derek

Grey’s Anatomy: “Just when we thought Karev was getting a little bit of a soul he goes and proves he’s still a total jerk. Sure, like Bailey says, reprimand interns when they deserve it, but don’t belittle them like he did when he revealed George was repeating his intern year (I’m sure Lexie was unimpressed). Meredith and Derek were in rare form as Mer let Lexie incubate a dead guy without an eye twitch, and Derek scolded the Chief and Sloan for trying an experimental surgery, respectively. I guess secret breakup sex is the ultimate confidence booster! Lesson learned tonight: never tell your secrets around a semi-comatose really old guy. He can hear you and will tell you why your thoughts are thoroughly irrational. Loved that he was the guy they ate lunch over in past episodes! George tells Callie he slept with Izzie (ugh!), and Izzie thinks she can kick Callie’s ass? Not if she’s pregnant…” – TV Fanatic

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