TV Fanatic and OK!’s Derek Ivie break down your favorite shows.


The Office: “Times are tight at Michael’s house. Jan is upset
about her job loss and has decided to replace her time by redecorating
the house. That’s my Psych 101 right there. Michael takes a job as a
telemarketer for some extra money. Of course, he starts pushing buttons
there, as he does anywhere. Pam and Jim take their first night away
together at Dwight’s beet farm/new bed and breakfast. They stay in the
second room, which has an irrigation theme. We find out that Dwight
cries and howls every night while clutching a cherub statue that once
belonged to Angela. Sad stuff! Ryan makes Michael quit his second job.
Michael then proceeds to declare bankruptcy, literally; he screams the
word in the middle of the office. Oscar then gives him a quick
financial lesson. Andy tries courting Angela by giving her a cat he
found in the warehouse. It works, and Dwight is devastated. Jim later
consoles him and tells him about his experiences with having to see Pam
with Roy all the time. Jim then walks into the office and plants one on
Pam. It is so good! They are in love and Jim rules! YES!” – Derek

30 Rock: “Jack hires a private investigator to look through his own past. He is running to be the head of GE and wants the investigator to find his secrets before they do. Oh, by the way the investigator is Steve Buschemi! Mystery and cigar smoke abound! It turns out Jack is a cookie jar enthusiast. It’s his one secret passion. I like cookie jars, not because of their fun designs, but because they have cookies in them. Delicious. Jack is also liking Jenna a lot more because of her recent weight gain. Unfortunately she starts to lose the weight and Kenneth is put in charge of making her fat again, just like back on the pig farm. Jenna once had relationship with David Blaine and in her words, ‘He’s the one that drove the wedge… with his magic.’ Could he break a woman’s heart over magic? Or perhaps with his magic? That’s something to think about!” – Derek

Grey’s Anatomy: “Am I supposed to feel anything sympathy for Izzie? She slept with George after he married Callie, demanded he tell her and then thought the woman wanted to fight her in front of an audience (though it was kind of funny to see Izzie take off her earrings. Trailer-parktastic!). She even got in a dig at Karev by telling him she slept with George, totally undermining Karev’s still-lingering feelings for her. (Thank goodness Rebecca, a.k.a. Ava is back next week so he can deal with all that pent-up sexual frustration.) When Callie got up in Izzie’s face, I was feeling no pain. I did feel pain over The Chief’s niece, who had lived through enough of it that she knew she was ready to die. And the gal who exercised herself to death? It almost made me skip my morning workout. Almost. I’m pretty convinced that Derek is a girl, and that’s actually an insult to my gender. OK, if you know that Meredith doesn’t want to marry you, move on. Just not to her sister. That’s slumming in Izzie territory.” – TV Fanatic

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