TV Fanatic and OK!‘s and Derek Ivie break down your fave shows of the night!

Grey’s Anatomy: “Much like the man who tried to amputate his own foot with a chain saw, I was feeling a little detached from this episode. After waiting all this time for Karev and Rebecca, aka Ava, to get together, their reunion felt, and sorry for the pun, a little anticlimatic. Sure, they got the loving out of the way, but I did want to hear Karev tell her how much he loved her. I’m not sure why Ava ran off after Karev went to deal with a patient; his geriatric intern Norman was having a stroke, for goodness sake! That was the second time Karev came back for Ava and she was gone. Ya’ll know I’m no fan of Izzie and George (Gizzie??), but after listening to Dr. Bailey (and fellow TV reviewer Rana!) explain  why perception can make people see the same situation different ways and how George was rushed into the marriage after his father’s death, I’ll give them a little leeway, even if the fact that it took another woman to make Izzie realize she was in love with her best friend is pathetic. I’m kind of glad that it’s made Callie and Cristina, who have both lost their loves, bond. These tough-on-the-outside-but-vulnerable-within gals need to connect. I agree with the Seattle Grace nurses: You do McSteamy, but you marry McDreamy. A neurosurgeon husband? Let me get in line! But since Meredith showed she is capable of thinking of someone other than herself when she helped a 10-year-old boy trick or treat for ears, McDreamy might be back in her arms soon enough. And I’m sure if another woman (or in this case, women!) is after her man, she’ll pull an Izzie and demand that Derek be with her!” – TV Fanatic

30 Rock: “If there is one thing I have learned form this episode it is to never follow a hippie to a second location. Thanks, Jack! Liz learns the hard way by following her childhood idol (we saw Little Liz again! YES!), who was played by Carrie Fisher, aka Princess Leia! Liz learns that Rosemary (Fisher) wants to do some radical political sketches. Liz also learns that Rosemary is out of her mind, and if she doesn’t cut ties with her idol she will end up just like her! Liz knows that she can’t bring such edgy/political/racial comedy to TGS, meanwhile we learn that Tracy has problems with his father, and we see Jack do amazing stereotypical impressions of every race. I love the juxtaposition between TGS and the actual show 30 Rock. The whole show is edgy/political/racial/goofy/stereotypical comedy… and that’s why it is amazing! Also Jenna manages to ruin Kenneth’s page jacket. After trying to get him a new one we are brought into the seedy underground page world where all fights are settled through physical competition and an NBC trivia game. That actually sounds like a lot of fun! I think I might be good at an NBC trivia game, but never as good as Kenneth the Page!” – Derek

The Office: “On this episode of The Office we learn about the hopes and dreams of the Dunder Mifflin crew! Ryan’s next attempt at launching Dunder Mifflin into the future centers around each branch having it’s own commercial, that branch’s employees stand in the parking lot a wave. Those commercials are the best! Of course Michael doesn’t think this is good enough and he takes it into his own hands. We learn that Darrell is quite the musician, Dwight is still in love with Angela, Angela may still be in love with Dwight, Jim wants to be a musician, and Pam is getting into graphic arts. Is that character development or what? Unfortunately for Michael his version of the commercial isn’t liked by the corporate office. The gang gathers together at a local pub to watch the corporate version and then to watch their original version. Michael’s version was amazing and after everyone lets him know he did a good job he buys everyone a round of drinks. It is nice to see MIchael be a real person and not a raving lunatic all the time. Character development or just a rare sighting… either way it was nice.” – Derek

What did you think of the night’s lineup?

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