TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Derek Ivie break down your fave shows of the night!

Grey’s Anatomy: “As soon as those two brides were brought in fighting over a wedding dress (though it’s not about the dress!), I knew it was going to be a parallel for Callie and the end of her marriage – complete with a preachy speech that would reflect her own life. Sometimes Grey’s is a little too predictable. A man who’s fallen 12,000 feet after his parachute didn’t open is brought in, but the Seattle Grace staff discovers he’s virtually unharmed. It makes Meredith think of her own brush with death and how she should start living life. Hmmm, does this mean she’ll accept Derek’s proposal? I still can’t stand Gizzie. Izzie’s so horrible. “I want sex!,” she tells George. I can’t believe she says that and doesn’t feel like punching herself in the face. I’m kind of hoping George realizes he’s made another mistake. Okay, so he didn’t love Callie, but he doesn’t love Izzie either. She was just the unobtainable girl and now that he’s had her… Say bye-bye to your surgeon boy club, Chief. Dr. Hahn is joining the club, breasts and all!” – TV Fanatic

The Office: “We finally learn what happened to Karen, Jim’s ex. She is now the regional manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Utica branch.  We also learn that she has a receptionist named Rolando.  That’s a fancy name, if you ask me! Stanley is planning on leaving Michael and the rest of the Scranton branch behind to work at Karen’s Utica branch because thy offered him more money.  Michael is distraught at the thought of losing the sassiest person in the office.  Stanley is quite sassy, but I think Phyllis has her moments too. Michael and Dwight devise a plan to overthrow the Utica branch, and they trick Jim into coming as well. Jim later on agrees under the circumstances that he gets to wear a mustache.  There is a random scene of Dwight peeing in a can that had no relevance to the story line at all. It was just weird and kind of awkward, but I guess that’s what the show is all about.  Once there, Michael and Dwight sneak into the office to steal their copier.  Unfortunately Karen spot Jim while he is being the lookout in the car.  She scolds them, but then makes Jim stay behind.  Karen thinks that Jim wanted to see her, Jim admits that he is still dating Pam, and that they are very happy, and Karen flips out! This is why we are all happy that she is no longer on the show.  She is along the lines of Ryan who is miserable, lonely, and drunk with power. We also learn of the secret “very exclusive” club that Pam, Toby and Oscar have at the office.  The Finer Things Club gets together once a month and they discuss books, culture and art.  I want to be part of this club, all meetings have themes and they eat fun food. According to Pam there is “no paper, no plastic and no work talk allowed.” My favorite thought about the club comes form Oscar who says, “Besides having sex with men I would say The Finer Things Club is the gayest thing about me.” Perfectly put.” – Derek

What did you think of the night’s lineup?

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