TV Fanatic and Derek Ivie break down your fave show sof the night!

Grey’s Anatomy: “Would it be wrong if I spent this whole review tap dancing over the imminent demise of Gizzie? Let’s face it, karma is a bitch. No matter what George and Izzie did, they just couldn’t their freak on, on. I hit it on the nail last week: they are not in love, just infatuated with the fantasy of being in love with the hot girl/best friend. Their breakup will definitely soften the blow for Callie, who was fired from the chief resident job. It was given rightfully to Bailey, who had humbly been doing the job for weeks and not taking any of the glory. She rocks! Chief should enlist her to be his “faux” spouse since Derek clearly resigned from the job (though if I had to pick a guy on that show to be my wife, it would definitely be McDreamy!). Meredith called little sis Lexie on using her one night stand with Karev, who lives with Mere, as an excuse to get closer to her. That little Lexie is determined to make a connection, you got to give her that, Mere. Take it from me, having a little sister isn’t all that bad! I agree with Sloan; Dr. Hahn is hardcore hot. She took him down a peg when he tried to pick her up in the bar saying that he was attracted to her professional skills. Unfortunately, she had no desire to see his personal ones. She’s a stronger woman than me! This week’s cases were kinda boring; barely window dressing to move these doctors in love’s daily life challenges forward. And barely any Cristina. Guess she’s saving up for her battle with Hahn. That’s one girl fight I definitely won’t miss!” – TV Fanatic


30 Rock: “Ah! As I write this I’m enjoying some fresh water from my new Eco-Shape Poland Spring bottle. Not only does it save the Earth, but it fits nicely in my hand! Anyway! NBC loves being green and they really want us to know it! 30 Rock is dedicated to going green with Friends‘ alum David Schwimmer guesting as an out-of-work actor named Jared who finally has a gig as the earth-defending super hero Greenzo! The gig goes to his head and he decides that big corporations like GE (which is sponsoring him!) are ruining the world. Jack wants no part in Greenzo anymore! The episode starts off with Liz (Tina Fey) giving Jenna back the lipstick she found in her apartment. Jenna quickly shoots her down telling her that the color is sunset blush, and she wears tiger orgasm. Liz also found a pop tart under her couch and she eats it… I would do the same thing. Jenna thinks Pete, Liz’s temporary roommate, is having an affair because of the lipstick, the spring in his step and his sexy Justin Timberlake hat. It turns out that Pete was actually having secret sex with his wife in Liz’s apartment. Liz catches them in the act and finds out that his wife uses the pop tarts to cover her nipples. Moral of the episode: Don’t eat anything off the floor… sometimes. Al Gore also made a guest appearance, and we learned that he has powers just like Aquaman! He can hear the cries of the whales. I think that’s why he’s been doing so well! Secret whale info! There is also a hysterical sub-plot about Kenneth throwing a party that only Liz attends. In the flashback of the Halloween party the two of them are dancing to “Werewolf Barmitzvah.” It was perfect. Line of the night: “This Earth is ruined, we gotta get a new one!” – Derek

The Office: “Michael wants to do a Survivor Man because he is jealous that Toby was asked to go on a camping trip with Ryan and a few of the other branch managers. Dwight takes Michael into the middle of the woods, but secretly watches him to give him secret moral support. Dwight also hides massive amounts of weapons all over the office. My favorite is the sword in the ceiling! Jim is left in charge of the office and decides that they should have just one big birthday party for those who are celebrating their birthday that month. Jim says that Michael usually ruins the parties by singing in the highest key and also scaring the crap out of everyone when he throws them their birthday surprises. In the end everyone is unhappy because they all want different cakes (or cobblers in Creed’s case), and Angela is annoyed because she is head of the party planning committee. Jim ends up acting more like Michael than he realizes. The bomb is dropped when Phyllis accidentally calls Jim “Michael.” This is when Jim gives up his quest. It’s back to Michael who only brings a knife and duct tape with him on his journey. He finds many uses for his clothing while he is “lost” in the woods. His jacket is a backpack and his pants are pants, shorts, and then he makes a tent out of them, but then makes them back into pants. He has done all this is about an hour by the way! Dwight ends up having to save Michael when he almost eats some poison mushrooms. They return back to the office and celebrate Creed’s birthday. Creed also enjoys his peach cobbler! All is well at the Scranton Branch of Dunder Mifflin!” – Derek

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