TV Fanatic and OK!‘s Derek Ivie break down your fave shows of the night!

30 Rock: “The smell of waffles spells disaster in the world of Liz Lemon.  Jack tells Liz about Northrax, a chemical agent that smells like maple syrup.  It can kill you within 10 seconds.  It doesn’t kill them! It was just a strange wind pattern coming off of those food flavoring factories in Staten Island.  Whew! We also learn from Jack that no one is more bitchy than conservative males.  Al hairs must be in place or else they pounce! Kenneth loses Jack’s pants and sets about on a quest to replace his $2500 pants.  Liz learns that she has a mysterious Middle Eastern neighbor with maps all over his walls who doesn’t shake hands. Liz thinks bad news. At an event later that night Jack meets CC (Edie Falco), a lovely and stern woman.  Jack is intrigued and they end up spending the night together.  My favorite part is that after having a raunchy night of sex she is still sleeping with her jacket on.  Jack fins out that CC is a democrat who is trying to take down one of his parent companies who has dumped toxins into a river that has turned children orange.  Those kids looked like Oompa Loompas at the park! After trying to stop the love they finally give into it and they decide to have a torrid love affair.  There is smacking and kissing and sneaking about!  Edie was great and I hope she is on it more often.  Also there is a Lifetime movie about CC and how she was shot in the face by her neighbor’s dog.  In the movie CC is played by Kristen Wiig from SNL! (Who else thinks they should bring back the Target Lady?) Back to 30 Rock, Liz reports her neighbor to the government where we find out they shocked his balls.  Yikes!  Her neighbor was actually auditioning for the next season of The Amazing Race.  That show is great and they definitely would have made it! Too bad Liz had to ruin it!  Kenneth gets back Jack’s pants by eating old ketchup and scaring an old lady be pretending to be a ghost, among other things. Ah Kenneth… you never cease to amaze me!” — Derek

Grey’s Anatomy: “In high school, I had a jheri curl and my body hadn’t quite caught up with my boobs. I was Mandy, so I could totally relate when she got all starry-eyed when her high school crush, Marcus, was wheeled into the E.R. After making a rule that the hospital was no place for personal biz, watching Bailey revert right back to the days when she did everything for her former high school hunk – you know, filling out his patient paperwork and, ummm, saving his life – just because her flashed her that million-dollar smile, made George and myself cringe (damn my high school crush, K.B.!). Dr. Hahn called Bailey on her behavior which helped put Bailey back on track (see how she hooked up Cristina, who was like a high school freshman who wants to impress the star quarterback – in this case Dr, Hahn – by “forgetting” to bring all of Marcus’ clot thingy?), but not before Bailey wailed to Derek about guys like him: the hot, popular dudes who would never notice a girl like her.  Derek revealed that he too had been a dork in high school (no surprise there!), and gave Bailey the love she had so long desired from her high school crush. Too bad Bailey’s married. She and Derek would be hot together! Bailey wasn’t the only one with a high school parallel. Callie comforted the head cheerleader who broke her booty and probably wouldn’t be the captain again, by telling her that not being the boss meant she could do what she really loved. After watching outsider Marissa lose her best friend Danny, George and Izzie realized that they didn’t want their friendship to die as well. Meredith got a moment to be her dad’s favorite daughter when he came into the E.R. drunk, only to learn that Lexie dealt with drunk dad every single day, and most of the time, he was not very nice. Luckily, Derek was there to take Mere home, but she better watch out. There’s a surgical nurse, Rose, who’s got her eye on Derek, and he’s definitely noticed…” – TV Fanatic     


The Office: Favorite part of the whole thing is Kelly talking smack (not trash) to Pam during the boyfriend ping pong game.  Love when she started singing “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne.  In order to stop the smack Pam wants Jim to get better.  She makes a secret court in the conference room where Jim can practice against different employees. Of course Dwight is a beast and totally takes Jim on.  Pam decides to take Kelly on herself, and it is terrible.  Michael was off testifying at corporate in Jan’s defense.  She is trying to sue Dunder Mifflin for terminating her from the company.  Michael does some “that’s what she said” things and ends up ruining her chances at any money which both he and Jan desperately needed.  There have been better episodes of The Office so I will let this one slide.  Also Ryan was in the beginning so I should have known it was going to be annoying.  Still hate you Ryan!” –Derek

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