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Grey’s Anatomy: “The best part of tonight’s Grey’s? Seeing my college mate, Ray Ford, who played Ray the paramedic, hang tough as he hung upside down the entire episode. Other than that, this episode was a little too much blood and gore. Two ambulances crash, leaving four paramedics in dire straights. Though he’s hurt in the abdomen, Shane doesn’t want Bailey to operate on him, or any doctor of color, since he’s got a big fat swastika on his stomach! Grey’s hasn’t touched much on racially-themed issues. It will be interesting to see where this story goes.

Back to Ray and Stan, who are trapped in their over-turned ambulance with all sorts of medical equipment ripping them open. The Chief realizes that Stan’s injuries are so severe, as soon as the truck is moved, he’ll bleed out. His poor wife, who works at the hospital, is brought out by Meredith to see her dying husband, and Mere waxes poetic as how this is the only way this woman will remember Mere in her life: the woman who told her her husband was dying. It ain’t all about you Mere! Stan saves Ray’s life (and my friend’s future paychecks!) right before he meets his maker.

Ava returns and Karev sneaks her into the surgery viewing room, where she coincidentally sits next to Lexie and mentions she and Karev are kicking it. Lexie takes the high road and doesn’t try to snatch of Ava’s new face off right there. Instead, she goes back to a patient played by Seth Green, who only has a thin stitch protecting his carotid artery. I didn’t go to medical school, but even I knew that laughing too hard would cause those stitches to pop, which they do, splattering blood all over Lexie. Hey, your big sis got a man’s body parts all over her when he blew up. A little blood ain’t nothing.” – TV Fanatic

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